Hi 👋, I'm Ankesh Bharti and I go by @feynon on the internets. I'm a 24 yo generalist systems engineer and technologist based in India, and a Rust and Web platform advocate.

I deeply appreciate tools as a medium to amplify humanity’s potential in the pursuit of noble endeavors like art and science. In the world we live in, we adapt our work to the tools we have, but in the future, with augmented AI, I believe tools will adapt to the way we work.

I’m working on building the software infrastructure to make this a reality with Tiles, an AI-native operating system that enables the creation of on-device, personal, and intelligent cross-platform user experiences. It's built on the belief that the future does not limit your logical computer to your physical hardware, thus accelerating the future of Intelligent Internet. To learn more about the project, check out the project page (opens in a new tab) and reach out to me on my socials using the links below.

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