Hi 👋, I'm Ankesh Bharti and I go by @feynon on the internet. I'm 24, and my pronouns are he/him. I solve problems, love discovering great hacks (opens in a new tab), and learning about incentive designs. I live near Pune, India. I code primarily in Rust and Typescript. My current research interests are functional programming, runtime design, and GPGPUs.

One of my core motivations for pursuing a career in software is to create tools for those in creative industries. My guiding principle is that creators require an immediate connection to the medium they work in. In other words, the tools should be fast, and the medium should be remixable, collaborative, and portable. To that end, I'm making tilekit.dev (opens in a new tab), a radically simple WASM/WebGPU engine for cross-platform compute with Rust, to build performant desktop-class software like Photoshop (opens in a new tab).

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