Updated September 7th, 2022, from Burhanpur, India.

Researching companies in observability, monitoring, and debugging space

Have been researching the history of several software companies past and present in the observability, monitoring, and debugging space to better pattern match and understand the technologies and company building process. The sources span across books, essays, research papers, podcast transcripts, and talks.

Building Laterware Labs

A major project I'm trying to build which will act as proof of work for all things I am professionally interested in and as a vent to externalize all my passions, be it (writing, software engineering,  community building, product, and business) at one singular place. 

The approach consists of having a domain defined (solving complexity in the cloud-native ecosystem for 99% of developers) and listing a dozen problems and solutions and attacking them from both sides, ie. with research (essays) and development (experiments) backing each other. The mission is to devise new abstractions and constructs from the first principles by exploring existing problems and solutions in the domain. The vision is to make a platform for developers where they can accessibly research, build and learn together in a community asynchronously with a particular focus on turning projects into products. I was motivated to build it cause I felt a personal need that no other platforms (think Hashnode., etc) were offering at the moment. 

The plan is to turn out Labs as a separate product in itself once the Laterware Labs project is validated, validation criteria being one of the experiments at Laterware Labs hitting a chord with the community and solving a particular need concretely.

Coding Activity